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around the pilime



Some capitals have their Soho... here in Paris, it's SoPi. Right around Pilime, here is the district of South Pigalle. It's a place where a joyful bohemian spirit vibrates, between trendy bistronomy, cutting-edge made-in-Paris shopping and cocktail bars that are as sought-after as they are casual. A true neighborhood life, rich with a relaxed art of living and well-kept secrets. Here, a flowery courtyard, and here quiet terraces, then a very gourmet grocery store, further on a mini concert hall... SoPi gives you the desire to stroll, day and night. You just have to walk around without a map to discover its charming spirit.

And it won't take long to walk to the village of Montmartre: walk past the Moulin Rouge, which is right next door, and then wander through the streets and up the romantic steps - those that take you to one of the most beautiful views in the capital.

And don't forget that from here you'll also be at the Opéra Garnier in a few turns. Unless you prefer the Grands Magasins, which are also within walking distance. Because from Pilime to Paris, everything is there.

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